• The Gait and Posture Centre has an excellent pedigree in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of sports injuries of feet, ankles, legs, knees and low back, with the latest up to date equipment and a wealth of skills to match.
  • Simon Costain was Podiatrist to the GB Olympic team at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics.
  • Denzil Trebilcock is Company Podiatrist to the Royal Ballet with many years of experience treating dancers of all capabilities and ages.
  • Simon and his team have vast experience in treating dancers and athletes.
  • The orthotic laboratories used by the Gait and Posture Centre have been selected so they provide bespoke designs of orthoses suitable for both professional and amateur athletes alike, manufactured from soft, medium, or more supportive materials to suit the individual sport, and at competitive prices.
  • With help from local Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Exercise Physiologists, and Performance Psychologists easily to hand, this completes the package.

Keerti, or Kit as I call him, is an excellent osteopath. I first saw him for a persistent sore neck, which I had after breast cancer treatment. He quickly resolved the neck pain by giving me exercises, which I could fit within my lifestyle, and educating me about body mechanics and why I was getting the pains. He was so good that even after my neck pain subsided I decided to continue to see him for general health and well-being. Kit is friendly and a therapist who knows exactly what he’s doing. I strongly recommend him.