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Padding and taping techniques are used to determine the effects of potential orthotic treatment on patient’s feet, legs and low back regions. In house digital X-ray facilities are also available.

The initial consultation is designed to help diagnose the cause of the problems and offer a treatment plan. Typically this will involve footwear advice, some exercises and maybe some form of orthotic which can be tailor-made or an adjusted off-the-shelf device which fits into shoes to compensate for the biomechanical inefficiency that has been detected. Casts of a patient’s feet may be taken and custom made orthoses prescribed for fitting at a subsequent visit after around 2–3 weeks.

It may be the case that if you suffer with painful feet, knees, hips and low back region, there is a mechanical component that the podiatrists at the Centre will be able to diagnose and this may form an important part of any future treatment plan.