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There are many treatments available at the Gait and Posture Centre, including:

  • padding and taping to determine the effect of an orthotic that is specifically designed to move your joints towards their optimum positions.
  • manufacture of silicone splints and wedges - putty-like inserts designed to improve the position of the toes and protect them from rubbing against each other.
  • provision of orthoses that place the foot in a biomechanically correct position allowing the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to function more efficiently and therefore, reduce and limit abnormal forces that cause pain and discomfort.
  • exercise – foot and leg stretching and strengthening advice.
  • footwear advice and adjustments.
  • routine foot care and chiropody – treatment of corns, in-growing toenails,
    calluses, veruccae, hard skin etc.
  • specialist care is available for diabetic neuropathy; poor sensation in the feet makes them more prone to injury and, combined with poor circulation, this can easily lead to ulcers and infections.
  • advice on foot surgery, as Simon Costain is surgically qualified.
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy

Treatment will depend on the results of the diagnosis either of a simple foot problem or a more complex biomechanical imbalance.

If orthoses are prescribed to fit into a patient’s shoes, the different types of orthoses available will be discussed. Adjustments to the orthoses can be made at the Centre itself and follow-up appointments may be required.

Orthoses are designed to last for years but their effectiveness can be reduced by alteration in foot shape due to weight change or development of other medical conditions so regular check-ups are recommended.

Patients should realise that some conditions have developed over many years and will not disappear overnight! Treatment takes time and commitment from the podiatric consultant and patient.