• Diabetes is a condition causing a build up of high levels of glucose in the body, which has damaging effects on multiple organs, skin, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys and the feet. For this reason people with diabetes can be more prone to complications and to long term impacts of leaving issues untreated.
  • All Diabetic patients, types 1 and 11 should visit a Podiatrist regularly for check ups at a minimum annually, irrespective of whether or not they suffer pain. 
  • Neuropathy: One of the complications of diabetes is ‘neuropathy’. Neuropathy means “lack of sensation” so in patients who suffer with neuropathy, their pain response may be fully or partially absent. This means a neuropathic patient can injure themselves without realising it. Secondary infection can then manifest itself rapidly so if any diabetic patient injures their foot or ankle an early visit to a Podiatrist is essential.
  • Diabetic foot ulcers: A foot ulcer in a diabetic patient is a medical emergency, and accordingly should be reviewed by a Podiatrist within 24 hrs if possible. NICE regulations are strict about this from a treatment and preventative viewpoint. https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng19/chapter/Context

Common diabetic foot and ankle complications:

  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Neuropathy (changes to the nerves)
  • Diabetic ulceration
  • Infection
  • Athletes foot

I have been coming to Gait and Posture for over 10 years (after a recommendation) because of pain in my feet.  Simon Costain has always looked after me and each time has produced orthotics that have revolutionised my life and put me back to a healthy life of walking long distances, spending long times on my feet and rowing.  This has kept me fit and enabled me to lead a completely unchanged life.  Recently Denzil Trebilcock spent a huge amount of time with me explaining what was going wrong as he fitting my latest orthotics.

I cannot recommend Gait and Posture more highly each time I visit I think that they will not be able to help me but each time they resolve all my issues Bravo!

Richard Nissen