• Podiatrists working here are very experienced at advanced Podiatric Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT). This is best described as Podiatric mobilisation and manipulation of several of the 30-foot joints.
  • These techniques allow us to often manage or even resolve foot mechanical problems, with exercises prescribed, often with or without the use of foot orthoses.
  • Podiatrists working here work in tandem with local Osteopaths and Chiropractors who have a far superior knowledge of joint mobilisation and manipulation of not only the feet, but the rest of the body, so when the rest of the body is involved in gait problems, we often call upon their expertise to help improve leg, hip and back problems also.
  • Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists work together in a multidisciplinary fashion to cross refer in order that we provide the best all round care for your specific problems.

The Gait and Posture Centre is an extremely welcoming place. Each doctor I saw was friendly, knowledgable and considerate with a gentle approach to the treatments, although you maybe in pain. I would recommend this place for any physical ailment and you may find you come away with more help in your life overall than just your physical issue. Great place!