• Orthotics, also known as orthoses, shoe inserts, or foot supports are medical devices designed to reduce or stop pain and to improve the biomechanical function and efficiency of the foot, leg, and back to help you standing, walking and running.
  • Orthoses can vary a great deal, they range from simple devices, taken “off the shelf” and generally modified to suit your specific problem, through to bespoke orthoses which are manufactured specifically to an individual’s needs from a plaster cast or scan of their feet.
  • Sometimes, orthotic prescriptions are built into the design of bespoke shoes, and more recently, up to date options can even be built into 3d printed sandals, or accommodated within sandals or shoes with removable insoles/sockliners.
  • We specialise in accommodating orthotic designs for ladies slimmer stylish footwear, something that many suppliers find challenging to create. 
  • Professional bespoke orthotic production times can be lengthy, but we use laboratories who offer quick turnaround times if needs arise. 
  • Orthotic adjustments to off the shelf, and bespoke orthoses are often required, which is why we prefer fitting orthoses to patients rather than sending them through the post. However, we are fortunate to have our own on-site laboratory so adjustments can be made to orthoses very quickly. 
  • Common problems that can be treated with orthotics include:
  • Foot pain: Flat feet, fallen arches or overpronation
  • Specific foot pains: Heel pain/ arch pain and plantar fasciitis/ Ball of foot pain, metatarsalgia/ Neuroma and bursitis / Bunion, hallux valgus pain/ foot arthritis/ Synovitis; capsulitis/ lesser toe pain/ Mid foot pain and arthritis
  • Ankle pain: Achilles tendinopathy /ankle arthritis/ ankle instability
  • Lower leg pain: Calf pains/ shin splint pains; tibial periostitis/Peroneal tendinitis
  • Knee pains: Most knee pains have a biomechanical cause so respond well to optimisation of lower leg and foot mechanics. Poor foot function is sometimes asymptomatic at foot level but can cause a knock on effect to exacerbate or cause knee pain.
  • Limb length differences: Most humans have either true or functional differences in leg length so diagnosing and addressing those differences may be important in managing your lower leg or back problems.
  • Hate the idea of orthoses? See below under FMT.


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