Routine care covers the following problems:

  • Nail care – reduction of thickened or irregular nails.
  • Removal of hard skin – callus reduction on heels and soles of feet.
  • Treatment of any type of corns.
  • Verruca treatments.
  • Fungal skin and nail infections – athlete’s foot.
  • Inflammatory skin infections; psoriasis, eczema, other skin conditions.
  • Basic foot healthcare checks including vascular (blood supply) and neurological (nerve supply) tests of the legs and feet.
  • General foot care advice.

The Gait and Posture Centre is an extremely welcoming place. Each doctor I saw was friendly, knowledgable and considerate with a gentle approach to the treatments, although you maybe in pain. I would recommend this place for any physical ailment and you may find you come away with more help in your life overall than just your physical issue. Great place!