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The Gait & Posture Centre LLP has a team of registered podiatrists who offer not only a full range of footcare treatments but also, more especially, podiatric assessments by biomechanical gait analysis to diagnose the cause of foot and/or lower limb musculo-skeletal problems. Find out more >


The Centre has invested for many years in the best equipment available:

  • The latest gait analysis equipment and software
  • Helpful video feed back and clinical interpretation to explain why you suffer pain
  • The latest quantifiable in-shoe computer pressure analysis systems
  • In house high quality fast digital X-ray facilities
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Once diagnosis is complete we offer:

  • Both temporary and more permanent/bespoke orthoses manufactured using the latest 3D printing and CAD/CAM milling techniques
  • Established podiatric facilities with a wide range of options available to help treat mechanical problems and determine the effects of potential orthotic treatment on patient’s feet, legs and lower back
  • The most up to date footcare equipment for routine foot problems providing rapid pain relief.
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I first visited Simon for orthotics in 2012 when I was experiencing knee pain during marathon training, it was a desperate roll of the dice and more than I could sensibly afford at the time. However, it got me through the marathon and then two more as well as numerous other runs including regular recreational running. I returned this year, 10 years later, for some new orthotics , so they last incredibly well. Simon is a charming man and clearly a master of his craft. I recommend him without hesitation.

Chris Delahunt