So how much will my diagnosis and treatment cost?

Podiatry New Patient Consultation Simon Costain: £225
Denzil Trebilcock: £175
Follow-up Consultation Simon Costain: £160
Denzil Trebilcock: £130
Orthotic Fitting £80
F-Scan Analysis & Report £165
Casting £110
1st pair of Orthoses £295
2nd pair of Orthoses £275
Osteopathy New Patient Consultation (1 Hour) £150
Follow-Up Consultation (30 / 60 minutes) £90 / £150

Prices are correct as of February 2022

Paying for our services using your health insurance

My health insurance will pay for all of this, surely?

If you have cover, we advise that you check with your health insurance company to clarify their rules for coverage of Podiatry. Most insist on at least a GP referral, and many require a Consultant referral. Consultation fees and x-rays (if you need them) are generally covered but most UK health insurance companies do not cover fees for casts and orthoses.

We ask that patients settle their accounts at the time of the consultation. We will provide a receipted invoice for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursal.

My sporting past has led to 5 operations and I have been seeing Simon Costain since 1997.  He is my favourite medical professional that I have been referred to and, by some way, the best value for money.

Nick S

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