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The Gait and Posture Centre

The Gait & Posture Centre LLP has a team of registered podiatrists who offer not only a full range of footcare treatments but also, more especially, podiatric assessments by biomechanical gait analysis to diagnose the cause of foot and/or lower limb musculo-skeletal problems.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: 6th June 2020

The Gait and Posture Centre is OPEN and we are offering both face to face and virtual “zoom” or “teams” meetings.

I have limited the numbers of clinics, and increased the duration of appointments, to allow us to meet the social distancing guidelines. All practitioners are equipped with appropriate PPE and we deep clean the working environment between patients. We ask that patients arrive on time for appointments to avoid waiting times and the overlapping of patients.

To book an appointment, please call or leave a message on the clinic number 0207 636 4465, or email clinic@gaitandposture.com. We will respond to all queries as soon as possible.

In line with Government guidelines and best practice, if you are feeling ill or suffering with a temperature or persistent cough please do not attend the clinic.

Keep safe and mobile.

Simon Costain

The Centre, founded by Simon Costain in 1992, has always been respected for its pioneering approach to treatment for a wide range of patients from children to the elderly, diabetics and arthritic patients, to the every day keen walker who suffers from aches and pains. Simon Costain has dealt with a huge number of elite athletes in his work with the British Olympic Association, UK Athletics and other professional and amateur sporting bodies, dancers and service personnel.

Patients are often referred by their surgeon or physician, GP, physiotherapist/osteopath or other healthcare professional but can self-refer having heard about the Centre from friends or colleagues.

The Centre will help anyone who has problems with their feet, legs or low back. Please contact us for further guidance.

In July there was another round of X-rays and finally a bone scan.  It was discovered that, in fact the problem was a stress fracture.  With Dad, I went to see Simon Costain at his Harley Street surgery in London.  After doing some analysis, he showed how the source of the problems was a collapsed arch.  “The actual stress fracture” said Simon “won’t get better until you get the arch corrected.  And that won’t happen without some arch support”.  He made rigid orthotic supports for my arch that would be inserted into whatever shoes I wore.

Paula – “My Story so Far” by Paula Radcliffe was published by Simon & Schuster in 2004

Paula Radcliffe